jason brown art

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona, drawing since I can remember and making small little sculptures whenever I could. I've always loved creating images and making things with my hands, but it wasn't until I was older that I felt a true affinity for art. It was in my teenage years that the world offered up new dimensions for me to explore. The world became a circus of saints and demons, animals and theives, kings and beggars; all tied together in a spiritual knot that was somehow calm at the center. The years passed and I continued to draw and create, hungry for self awareness. It became clear that art was a mirror for us to see ourselves in. It was a celebration of life in its entirety - it did not hold beauty above terror, or love above death - all were facets worthy of exploration and attention, since all were pieces of ourselves. After some years I took a road trip across the country by myself and discovered a great deal about people and places and my impermanent place in it all. Upon my return I became obsessed with painting and devoted all my energy to learning how to paint. I have painted ever since.












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